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These Photos of Squirrels Playing Will Totally Make Your Day


Vadim Trunov is a talented nature and macro photographer well-known for his amazing animal photos. Trunov’s macro photos of snails, ants and other small insects, bring to life a world that we often overlook.


His photos of fungi and other plant life are also remarkable to see for their clarity, sharpness and beauty. In another fun series, Trunov captures the playful spirit of squirrels playing with each other


“In the forest, where squirrels often run, I put to earth food (nuts). Squirrels often returned to this place in order to get more nuts. Then on the same place I put the thing (camera). Squirrels examined and sniffed these foreign objects, hoping to find nuts. Using this method, I was able to take pictures of interesting stories.”, said Vadim to Twisted Sifter.


Vadim Trunov’s Wesbsite, 500px, 35 Photo, Prints


Via Twisted Sifter

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