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Artist Creates Adorable Cloaks That Will Turn Your Pet Into A Game Of Thrones Character

Who doesn’t love dressing up their pets in cute clothing? It’s undeniable how adorable they can look with the right kind of clothing. And since we all now that winter is coming, it’s a good time to make sure your pets are staying warm. If your canine friend is as excited about snuggling up to you as you watch the Game of Thrones season finale, there’s something that will make this moment even more special – pet cloaks inspired by the iconic TV series.

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Yes, you’ve read that right, your beloved cats and dogs now have the opportunity to rock the Jon Snow and Daenerys look.

You have to agree that it’s absolutely adorable!
Before the beginning of the new season of the show, Etsy store called Le Magical Menagerie stocked its virtual shelves with these pet cloaks. Well, they definitely know how hard it is to resist dressing up your pooch as Jon Snow.

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