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Ten Cats Who Were Painted By Nature Itself


Half the internet is made up of pictures of cats wearing stupid clothing or painted all the colours of the rainbow. But all these attempts by their owners to make their cats stand out from the crowd are nothing compared to what nature itself can do with these beautiful animals.

It’s hard to believe, but the following selection of cats were actually born looking the way they do. Truly charming!

h/t: brightside, boredpanda

The cat with another cat on its back

Image: boredpanda

Venus, the cat with two faces

Image: facebook

Sam, the cat with eyebrows

Image: instagram

The cat with a magnificent moustache

Image: flickr

Fordy, the cat with a goatee

Image: flickr

The cat with a little fringe


The cat with a monkey drawn on its back


The cat with a heart on its side


The cat with the cutest little hat

Image: thesun

This truly fabulous kitty


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