Slope Point Trees: Beauty Created By Force Of Nature

Photo by Seabird Nz

There are a lot of unusual sight around the globe, but Slope Point of New Zealand is differently natural wonder. Slope Point is the southernmost tip on New Zealand’s South Island. The place is systematically blasted by great force of cold wind, that causes the trees to bend and transform their appearance. The wind from the Southern Ocean attacked the trees, as they grew. In order to be least resistant, the tree brunches turned to the opposite direction, so they got windswept appearance.

h/t: unusualplaces

Photo by rosedeane

Slope Point is not inhabited, for obvious reasons, but sheep still wander around. There are a few shelter built by farmers to protect animals from gusty winds. There is a small signpost, that has the distance to the Equator and the South Pole written on it. Since, there is no road to Slope Point, it takes 20 minutes to reach it.

Photo by Andre Wagner

Beauty created by force of nature, breathtaking steep cliffs and lush fields, will leave visitors amazed; well, in a good weather of course.

Photo by Andre Wagner

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Photo by Seth Mazow

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