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Lost & Found: Insightful Photos Discovered in a Thrift Store and Their Unbelievable Beginnings


In 2015, Meagan Abell discovered medium-format negatives in a Richmond, Virginia thrift store, featuring two unidentified young women.

One of the women, later identified as Claudia Thompson, was a jazz singer who experienced significant career challenges, including being replaced by a white model on her album cover due to racial prejudices. Despite these setbacks, Claudia and her husband, Ira Thomas, enjoyed a successful international music career. They eventually settled in Las Vegas, continuing to perform. Claudia’s story highlights the struggles and triumphs of an African American artist in a prejudiced industry.

“NOW this is where I need the Internet’s help. I would absolutely love to find the women in these photographs/the photographer who took them. The only info I have is that the negatives were found in a thrift store on Hull St in Richmond, VA. They are medium format, and judging by the style of dress, made in 1940-1950. The owner of the thrift store had no idea where they came from. I’m posting the best/clearest scans of the images, so if y’all could share this around, HOPEFULLY we can make it go viral and find the original photographer/subjects!!!!” she posted on Facebook.

More: Facebook h/t: flashbak

Found A 340x340
Found B
Found C
Found D
Found E
Found F
Found G
Found H

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