“The Last Iceberg” by Camille Seaman

Documenting the effects of climate change first hand over the past eight years, Camille Seaman fears we may be on the road to the last iceberg. Photographing the enormous frozen floats at both poles for the past eight years, the Californian adventurer has seen the receding ice shelves and experienced the changing warmer weather. Feeling that her intimate and emotional work documents a snapshot of history, Camille presents her series “The Last Iceberg” as a study of what she sees as the personality of each huge iceberg.

Drawing parallels with the famous novel, “The Last of the Mohicans”, Camille, 42, wonders whether these unique, almost alien natural features will become a thing of the past or part of nature’s renewal processThese are the stunning images of some of the polar ice caps most endangered regions. Camille Seamans shots include poignant images of the likes of polar bears, penguins and melting ice shelves. The works feature in Camilles latest book, “Melting Away”, which the photographer has been working on since 2003. Release on December 2nd, the book features images from the Arctic and Antarctic between 2003 and 2011. (Photos by Camille Seaman/Barcroft Media)


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