Earth, Then And Now: Dramatic Changes In Our Planet Revealed By Incredible NASA Images

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If you compare some of the photographs which can be found on NASA’s website, you can really see how human beings have changed the appearance of our world over the years. The time difference between these images ranges from five to 100 years. Incredible stuff.

Pedersen Glacier, Alaska. Summer, 1917 — summer, 2005


Aral Sea, Central Asia. August, 2000 — August, 2014


Carroll Glacier, Alaska. August, 1906 — September, 2003


Powell Lake, Arizona and Utah. March, 1999 — May, 2014


Bear Glacier, Alaska. July, 1909 — August, 2005


Forests in Rondonia, Brazil. June, 1975 — August, 2009


McCarty Glacier, Alaska. July, 1909 — August, 2004


The Dasht River, Pakistan, August, 1999 — June, 2011. The Mirani Dam supplies clean drinking water and power to the surrounding area. The dam also helps support local agriculture.


Matterhorn Mountain in the Alps, on the border between Switzerland and Italy. August, 1960 — August, 2005.


Mabira Forest, Uganda. November, 2001 — January, 2006.


Toboggan Glacier, Alaska. June, 1909 — September, 2000.


Great Man-Made River, Libya, April, 1987 — April, 2010. This is the greatest engineering project in the world: a network of pipes, aqueducts and wells more than 500 metres deep. The water system provides the desert area with water.


Qori Kalis Glacier, Peru. July, 1978 — July, 2011.


Mar Chiquita Lake, Argentina. July, 1998. — September, 2011.


Muir Glacier, Alaska. August, 1941 — August, 2004.


Uruguay Forests, March, 1975 — February, 2009. Uruguay has managed to grow its forested area from 45,000 hectares to 900,000 hectares. However, this has had the effect of a loss of plant and animal diversity.


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