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This Japanese Train Station Only Exists So That People Can Admire The Scenery

One of the most unusual stations in the whole country is now open and ready for business. Over the years, Japanese rail operators have been delighting passengers with incredible ideas designed to provide them with the ultimate train experience.

h/t: soranews24

Now, it’s time for Yamaguchi Prefecture’s Nishikigawa Railway to take the spotlight, as they’ve just created what many are calling the most unusual station in Japan. Located on the Nishikigawa Seiryu Line, which runs parallel to the Nishiki River in Iwakuni, this station is unlike any other as it has no entrance and no exit. In fact, it’s totally inaccessible to people…unless they disembark from a train.

And once passengers disembark here, there are no stairs, ramps or ticket gates, because people aren’t meant to leave the actual platform.

Called Seiryu Miharashi Eki, which translates to “Clear Stream Viewing Platform Station“, this station has been built so that passengers can stop off and admire the surrounding scenery.

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