This Photographer Doesn’t Just Take Women’s Portraits. She Makes Them Believe In Themselves – Design You Trust

This Photographer Doesn’t Just Take Women’s Portraits. She Makes Them Believe In Themselves


Emily London Miller is a photographer with a unique talent: she’s able to see the most beautiful side to every person whom she photographs. With the help of her camera and a carefully tailored appearance, Emily creates portraits which reveal how even the most ’ordinary’ women are no less exceptionally beautiful than Hollywood stars or professional models.


But this isn’t the only reason why we admire her work. It’s clear that Emily has found a way to make every single one of her female subjects to believe in their own outer — and inner — beauty. And in this world full of its strictly policed interpretations of beauty and individual worth, that’s something to truly value. Take a look at some of her photographs, and you’ll see for yourself.

h/t: brightside

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