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Glitch Portrait Paintings by Joshua Davison

Joshua Davison is a self-taught contemporary artist from New Zealand with a diverse body of work themed around portraiture and botanics. Featured here are some of the most intriguing paintings from his ‘glitch’ portrait series.

“Joshua is inspired and motivated by the old masters, the path to truly original thinking, the bridge between science and art, instigating a range of emotions with artwork, and the prospect of reaching mastery.

In a world where it seems everything’s already being done, everywhere, at all times, true originality is rare and mysterious and is often a term loosely thrown around. He looks up to other contemporary artists such as Miles Johnston, Ivan Alifan, Loribelle Spirovski and Henrik Uldalen who are truly original and beautiful modern painters.”

More: Joshua Davison, Instagram h/t: theinspirationgrid

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