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Eerie Statues Of American Presidents Forgotten By Time


In 2004 Williamsburg, Virginia welcomed a brand new attraction to locals and tourists alike. Named ‘Presidents Park‘, it was a large open-air museum that was the concept of landowner Everette “Haley” Newman.

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He enlisted sculptor David Adickes to create the parks centrepiece attraction. The result was 43 giant busts featuring the Presidents of the United States from George Washington to George W. Bush.


Adickes first found inspiration for the sculptures after driving past the famous Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. The giant heads weigh close to 7,000 pounds standing between 18 and 20ft tall. Adickes impressive craftsmanship makes them recognizable to anyone familiar with American history and politics.


Professional photographer Patrick Jouist recently tracked down the location of the presidential heads. He was determined to find out what had happened them since being remove from public view.


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