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Be The Envy Of Baggage Claim With This Hilarious Custom Selfie Cover

You’ve tied on a little piece of coloured ribbon and you’ve spent a load of money on that mad clingfilm machine… only to discover that everyone else has done exactly the same thing.

Prevent ‘Baggage Reclaim’ drama and make sure your bag stands out from the crowd by slipping it snuggly inside a Head Case. After all, nothing says “that’s my luggage!” quite like a giant version of your own face, smiling back at you as it shudders round the conveyor belt.

Head Cases are made from durable polyester spandex so they stretch to comfortably fit over your bag, while a series of well-placed openings ensure that all of your handles remain fully accessible. Simply upload a high-quality photo of your face (or a pal’s) and we’ll print it on both sides of this striking personalised case cover.

More info: Firebox (h/t: sobadsogood)

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