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Series Of Shots Show The Abandoned Bare Steel Infrastructure Of The Bushfield Army Training Camp In UK During WWII

Gun Battery, Essex.

The series of shots show the bare steel infrastructure of the Bushfield army training camp near Winchester which was in operation during World War Two and was used to train Royal Green Jackets recruits in the sixties. Another image shows a pillbox bunker alongside a canal in Berkshire. Other pictures show a crumbling radar tower that was in operation between 1941 and 1943 to monitor shipping near a Tilbury on Thames minefield and the abandoned Women’s Auxiliary Airforce section of RAF Stormy Down, Wales which shows a picket post and empty dark air raid shelter. The spectacular images were taken by an urban explorer who wished to remain anonymous.

AT RAF Yatesbury in Wiltshire abandoned hangars crumble as they are left exposed to the elements.

Pillbox, Garston Lock, Kennett and Avon canal, Berkshire.

Runway at RAF Wisley, Surrey now surrounded by cornfields.

Officers’ Mess building at RAF Yatesbury, Wiltshire.

Overgrowth surrounding a building on the site of RAF Stormy Down in Wales makes it almost entirely unreachable now.

Radar Tower, Thames near Tilbury.

A hangar at the former RAF Llandow in South Wales.

RAF Rivenhall, Essex.

A railway siding in Wiltshire, UK where ammunition was transferred by tunnel to an underground storage facility.

The huge brick supports of a hangar at RAF Yatesbury are almost all that’s left of the structyre.

An air raid shelter at RAF Stormy Down in Wales is eerie, damp and dark.

Nature is reclaiming many of these military sites including RAF Stormy Down in Wales.

AT RAF Rivenhall in Essex trees crowd around a building that is barely still standing.

The rusting skeleton of a hall at the Bushfield army training camp near Winchester where Royal Green Jacket recruits were trained stands forlornly.

Radar tower, used to monitor shipping, still stands impassively on the banks of Thames near Tilbury.

A railway siding in Wiltshire where ammunition was transferred by tunnel to an underground storage facility.

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