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Mysteriously Abandoned In 1976, This Creepy Mansion Just Gave Up Its Secrets


Built in the thirties, this spectacular mansion definitely saw its share of grandiose affairs in its day, but sadly, its been abandoned since the seventies. Located just outside of New York City, the home is like a time capsule for a much more glamorous era — but it also happens to be full of creepy old relics as well.

Photographer Bryan Sansivero decided to document the mansion as it is now, and what he found inside is pretty haunting. It’s also an incredible property, complete with a bowling alley, indoor tennis court, library, and two bars. See the abandoned mansion in all of its spooky glory below.

h/t: newslinq


The mansion has 57 rooms, and looks like something out of a horror movie.


In every room, traces of the mansion’s opulent history remain.


But there are also traces of it’s complete and total creepiness.


Despite the ominous feel of the photographs, the spooky details are really just evidence of the family that used to live there.


The things around the house give the impression that the place has been frozen in time.


Despite it’s overarching tone of creepiness, the home and it’s fixtures are surprising well-preserved.


It’s quite easy to imagine the lavishness of the house in its prime.


Signs of repairs-in-progress suggest that the last owners were in the process of updating the home when they abandoned it.


There’s no telling why its last owners abandoned the place, but it’s an incredible time capsule of days past.


As the property has been abandoned, it’s also been exposed to the elements.


Despite its current state, a property like this (and so close to the city) has to be a realtor’s dream come true. How would you like to live in this regal (albeit slightly terrifying) estate?

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