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Why Did A Brazilian Millionaire Winch A Formula 1 Car Up The Side Of An Apartment Block?


Yep, you read that right! An anonymous Brazilian is a huge Ayrton Senna fan, and he managed to get hold of Senna’s 1985 Lotus 97T Formula 1 car. But where do you keep such a car if you live in an apartment? Er… in your apartment obviously!

h/t: fella


Why the ceiling? Well apart from the obvious space issue we can only presume it’s a homage to the Lotus Team’s ‘ground effect’ cars. Lotus were among the most technologically advanced cars of their time, and team boss Colin Chapman understood the dark art of aerodynamics more than anyone else. He created the ground effect cars which created so much downforce that at anything over 160mph they could theoretically drive upside down in a tunnel without falling off!


It allowed such high cornering speeds that it became dangerous, and after a number of high-profile incidents the technology was banned from in the mid 80s.


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