Photographer Spends Three Years Travelling The World To Capture Stunning Landscape Images At Sunrise And Sunset


These breath-taking shots taken at sunset and sunrise are the result of one photographer’s amazing three-year trip around the globe. Julien Grondin set off in 2013 to exercise his love of travel photography and said he soon realised that shooting with the sun directly in the frame yielded his favourite final result.

h/t: dailymail


Starting his trip in the US, the France native explored both the east and west coast before setting off around Europe and Asia. This year Grondin – who also goes by Beboy – will embark on a trip around the Faroe Islands, Norway, the Italian mountains and even China to continue with the project.


Stopping off in destinations including Rome in Italy, Bangkok in Thailand and Plitvice in Croatia, the adventure-seeker has so far captured more than 50,000 images with his Canon 5D camera, which he posts online for his Facebook and Instagram followers.


Speaking to MailOnline Travel, Grondin said that to edit the images he uses Lightroom and Photoshop as shooting with the sun ‘directly in front of the camera requires special editing to balance the lit and shadowed areas in the picture’.


He said: ‘People usually try to avoid shooting with the sun in the frame because it’s hard to get a photo properly exposed but when you manage to get a nice shot I think that the photo gets a totally new aspect. It is hard to get the right shot, but I like the tricky situations.’


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