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In A Series Of Dreamlike Paintings, The Artist Captures The Relationship Between People, Animals, And Nature


Elicia Edijanto (previously), an Indonesian artist, is renowned for her mesmerizing black-and-white watercolor paintings. Her artwork opens a portal to a dreamlike realm where children and animals share a silent, profound bond.

Through the simplicity of black-and-white watercolors, she beautifully captures the enchantment of childhood innocence and the serene beauty of nature. Edijanto’s creations serve as gentle reminders to pause, take a deep breath, and cherish the small moments of joy found in companionship and the natural world.

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[image] 1304195
[image] 2678045
[image] 3033497
[image] 3071027
[image] 3268105
[image] 3289636
[image] 3455906
[image] 3623986
[image] 3739258
[image] 4894655
[image] 5792736
[image] 5842936
[image] 5887661
[image] 5928518
[image] 6193954
[image] 6437485
[image] 6549030
[image] 6623085
[image] 6848199
[image] 7035555
[image] 7327608
[image] 7351749
[image] 7477664
[image] 7572852
[image] 7780980
[image] 7846333
[image] 8428158
[image] 8903859
[image] 8927020
[image] 9116462
[image] 9422041
[image] 9432683
[image] 9810530
[image] 9987908
[image] 5401914

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