This 3D Printed Coffee Table Shows Art As Seen Under The Microscope

Scientists have long been fascinated with viewing objects under the microscope, and it’s easy to see why. You get a fresh perspective on everyday items that look completely different under the lens. With pretty patterns and vivid colors, there’s a sense of surprise when you get a closer look at images that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Enter Microcromo, a 3D-printed transformable coffee table that displays microscopic art. Designed by Italian company Art Is Therapy, Microcomo was born out of a combination of passions – photography and a penchant for microscopic images.

Microcromo is multifunctional transforming furniture designed to be at the same time an artistic painting, a smart ambient light and a comfortable table. Designed for sophistication but built for functionality, our product uses microscope photography, chromotherapy and transformation to turn any space into a better place to live.

More info: Art Is Therapy

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