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Instead Of Selfies, A Couple Draws Doodles To Document Their Journey

They Love This Famous $1 Ice Cream In Orchard Road, Singapore

A creative couple decided to replace selfies with some adorable doodles to document their journey in a different way. She loves to doodle, he loves to take pictures. Voila! Doodledeux was created. Doodle according to free dictionary means “to draw or sketch something aimlessly”. Deux in French means “two” or it can also mean “about them”. So doodledeux is our personal project where we share our story as a couple with a little help from our caricatures, let’s just call them Abang and Neng.

h/t: boredpanda

Sunrise At Sikunir Hill, Dieng, Central Java

You Are Never Too Old For A Little Bit Of Sweetness

A Laidback Sunday In The Park For Abang & Neng

Beautiful View Of Singaporean Skyscrapers From Esplanade

Abang & Neng Swam Underwater In Sea Aquarium Singapore

Mandatory Photo At Universal Studio, Singapore

How ’bout Going Out To The Beach To Build A Sandcastle?

Abang & Neng’s Date Ideas: Asemble A Gundam Robot

Neng’s Favorite Almond Chocolate Cake From Ikea. Nom!

Under My Umbrella In Merlion Park, Singapore

Gatotkaca Temple, Dieng, Central Java

Abang & Neng Dressed Up As Barongsai (the Lion Dance) For Chinese New Year

Sunset In Bali

Abang & Neng At Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore

Sunday In Sentosa Beach, Singapore

First Doodle Of Abang & Neng In A Coffee Shop

Meet The Flinstones! Abang & Neng Visited This Megalithic Site In Gunung Padang, Cianjur

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