World’s Largest Railway Model Is Now On Google “Mini” Street View


Google’s Street View, that lets you explore the world through the virtual eyes of street level cameras, has now shrunk itself to the size of a thumb, so that you can experience the world’s largest miniature model railway as if it has been blown to real size.

h/t: amusingplanet


Miniatur Wunderland” in Hamburg, Germany boasts of 13,000 kilometers of track and more than 200,000 tiny citizens, featuring tiny replicas of German provinces, famous places in the U.S. and even a fully-functioning airport, which itself is the largest miniature airport in the world.


To capture the nooks and crannies in Miniatur Wunderland, Google mounted tiny cameras on top of tiny vehicles that were driven through the roads and over the train tracks, “weaving through the Wunderland’s little worlds to capture their hidden treasures,” wrote Sven Tresp, Street View Program Manager, in the official announcement.


Google Maps’ miniature Street View devices cruising the railways and streets of Miniatur Wunderland:


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