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Photographer Jonny Joo Captures Eerie Images Of Abandoned Buildings


This is the forgotten landscape of post-GFC America. A time when it was cheaper to abandon old factories than attempt to sell them, and where suburb-sized buildings sit forgotten and desolate. An intrepid explorer began visiting these eerie haunts after becoming obsessed with a terrifying computer game.

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Plants climb the walls of the abandoned factories of Westinghouse Electric in Cleveland, Ohio

Jonny Joo visits the derelict malls, stations and towers because they remind him of Silent Hill – a psychological horror game which was made into a film. It inspired him so much that he is now about to release his first book titled Empty Spaces which will feature 116 images.

The once-proud architecture within St. Joseph The Byzantine of Cleveland, Ohio not reduced to rubble

The professional photographer from Cleveland, Ohio said to Daily Mail: ‘I was always obsessed with Silent Hill as a child, and when the movie came out I was all about that as well. When I first started exploring places so many would remind me of the game – it was a world I was kind of obsessed with because of how dark and eerie it looked.’

The abandoned Richman Bros of Cleveland, Ohio. The factory used to produce suits, hats, and other business attire, and is said to have been the first factory in the US to give two weeks paid holiday to its workers

Graffiti lines the walls of the main terminal of the East Central Station of Buffalo, New York

A glass-walled corridor at Cleveland’s abandoned aquarium in Ohio is taken over by overgrown plants

The now-demolished Geneva Victorian home in Ohio. Its owners were said to be among the state’s richest people, but all that remains is this crumbling structure

Smashed pews and stripped walls inside the long-abandoned Tried Stone Baptist church of Detroit, Michigan

The vast auditorium of Larimer Elementary school in Pennsylvania. Once filled with people, it now sits empty and forgotten

Inside the community room of the abandoned Brownsville General Hospital in Pennsylvania

The belongings of this house’s former occupant, said to be a navy man, lie scattered on the floor in Ohio

Detritus litters the interior of an old Victorian home in the country hills of Geneva, Ohio

The Newburgh Masonic Temple in Cleveland, Ohio reduced to barely recognisable rubble

Inside Cleveland’s abandoned aquarium, Ohio, complete with ghostly shark untouched on the wall

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