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This Woman Captures Charming Photos Of Her Lovely Giant Teddy Bear


The Instagram account @boonethebear, created by sophomore graphic design majors Spencer Findlay and Mackenzie Schmutz, features a giant teddy bear in locations ranging from Palm Drive to the snowy mountains.

h/t: cbubanner

“We adventure a lot,” Schmutz said. “We hike and go anywhere on the weekends. Once we got the bear we decided we would try to figure out a place where we can go adventure, but also somewhere we could bring the bear.”

Findlay originally purchased the bear from Costco as a gift for his girlfriend, Schmutz. He then had the idea of creating an Instagram account when he realized the potential it had, since many were drawn to the bear’s massive size and warm smile.

“I don’t think anyone has not been surprised when they see how big (the bear) is, especially when you see him in person,” she added. “It’s crazy.”

Both Findlay and Schmutz shoot and model for their account, which they say has become a fun activity they enjoy doing together.

“We’re planning to keep it up over the summer and just seeing it grow is so encouraging,” Findlay said. “We have an audience now that enjoys it.”

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