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Photographer Brings Children’s Dreams To Life In Magical Photos

There’s no end to a child’s imagination. Their dreams know no boundaries and they love to think that anything is possible – something that photographer Rhiannon Logsdon has captured in a series of snapshots.

Logsdon uses Photoshop to edit pics of children and make their dreams come to life. She creates stills from their favourite toys and books and encourages the children to tell her about their dreams so that they can become part of their own stories.

Through the photos, the children are able to ride dinosaurs, touch the moon, feed sharks, fly like fairies and more. We WISH we had photos as incredible as these in our baby books.

“I picked up my first camera after my second child was born, just wanting to take better pictures of them,” Logsdon wrote on Bored Panda. “I was instantly in love with photography!”

“Children grow and change so quickly. I love to capture not just want they look like on the outside, but who they are in that moment. Their favourite toys, books and dreams inspire each session. From riding dinosaurs to fighting dragons, finding inspiration in child photography is easy, you just have to listen.”

Via Yahoo News

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