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Two Women Demonstrate How to Turn This Sidecar in to a Small Caravan With Two Beds in 1958

Motorcycle Sidecar Camper 1

In 1958, in the heart of the British summer, two women embarked on a unique weekend adventure in the UK, as captured in these extraordinary photographs. The images depict the duo on a motorbike with a sidecar, which they ingeniously convert into their overnight accommodation.


Motorcycle Sidecar Camper 2

As the British weather welcomes summer, the two friends find a roadside spot to set up their camp. The transformation of the sidecar into a caravan commences, revealing a cleverly designed space with all necessities tucked away in various compartments. The motorcycle, a Panther Model 120 with a 650cc single-cylinder engine, plays a pivotal role in their journey.

Motorcycle Sidecar Camper 3

The process begins with the women detaching the roof of the sidecar. The motorcycle proves useful as a makeshift ladder to secure the caravan’s roof. Once the transformation is complete, the women can unwind in the comfort of their compact caravan.

Motorcycle Sidecar Camper 4

Motorcycle Sidecar Camper 5

Motorcycle Sidecar Camper 6

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Motorcycle Sidecar Camper 8

Motorcycle Sidecar Camper 9

Motorcycle Sidecar Camper 10

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