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Unbelievably Precise Hand Lettered Quotes That Are Almost As Small As Coins


Indonesian artist Dexa Muamar creates tiny hand lettered works of art with pencil. Muamar’s pieces are precise and incredibly proportionate, and it would be hard to guess that they are usually 3-4cm small. His Instagram posts usually feature his works with his hand or coins for scale, but it’s still hard to accept the fact that he is able to obtain such precision with a pencil.

h/t: designtaxi

#mondayvibes ? #letteringmalang #kaligrafina #belmenid

A photo posted by Dexa Muamar (@dekedex) on

hail Tetris? #letteringmalang #kaligrafina #belmenid

A photo posted by Dexa Muamar (@dekedex) on

"They asked for Drugs, so I told them about my Smile"?? – anon #letteringmalang #kaligrafina #belmenid

A photo posted by Dexa Muamar (@dekedex) on

"just be You, and if people dont like it, well, Fuck them"? – anon #letteringmalang #kaligrafina #belmenid

A photo posted by Dexa Muamar (@dekedex) on

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