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Unearthly Views Of The Hidden Snow Cave In Kamchatka

Photo © Denis Budkov

These photos were taken near Mutnovsky volcano, Kamchatka krai, in 2012. Last winter was not snowy, and the summer was hot. Therefore huge snow piles that never melt reduced in size greatly. As a result, a passage in the snow was opened leading to the cave underneath.

h/t: russiatrek

Photo © Sergei Krasnoshekov

At the entrance to the cave the ceiling is not thick and sunlight breaking through it gives unique beautiful views. As you go further away from the entrance, the arch of the cave becomes thicker, and less sunlight comes through it, but you can still see various bizarre images, both in form and color.

Photo © Sergei Krasnoshekov

The entire length of the cave is about 300 meters. Mutnovsky volcano area is known for its abundance of precipitation. This cave is located in a ravine 10 meters depth with an ordinary mountain stream. Mutnovsky volcano on Google Maps.

Photo © Natalya Belentsova

Photo © Ivan Borovkov

Photo © Florian Wizorek

Photo © Florian Wizorek

Photo © Marc Szeglat

Photo © Ivan Borovkov

Photo © Denis Budkov

Photo © Marc Szeglat

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