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Surreal Abandoned Building From Kamchatka


Yes you probably did wonder at the first glance is this a Photoshop or even a scene from some post-apocalyptic game like Fallout. But no you were wrong this is not digitally manipulated, it’s real and in all its destruction it is kind of beautiful. What you are looking at is a abandoned fisherman village of Kirovsky from Kamchatka region of Russia. No words needed, look at the photos yourself and enjoy them if you are abandoned structure enthusiast or if you’re pro nature be happy it’s dissolving as nature and time take it’s course!


For years this place remained active and the fish were plentiful, so these houses were inhabited and used by the local fishermen as apartment complexes. Can you actually imagine dozens of fishermen living here at this beautiful resort and fishing, i do it’s a nice location!


These buildings and fisherman villages became abandoned during USSR as they were not profitable for the new government structure (collective farming, fishing etc) so eventually they died off.


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