A Real-Life Yellow Submarine for Rent

Ticked off your bucket list, but still need more?

1960’s: All aboard for the magical mystery tour with the Beatles and their Yellow Submarine, powered by love; because that’s what makes the world go round.

Cold War superpower scenario: “Hunt for Red October”puts you in charge of nuclear mutually assured destructionn..will soviet or US flinch first? 1943 North Atlantic: you are unterseeboot commander happy hunting stricken conveys with torpedo’s, then oops, claustrophobia grips..

More: Airbnb h/t: messynessychic

The space:

– your diesel/electric metal coffin emergency dives to crush depth to wriggle free from depth charges pounding against the hull,classic “Das Boot” stuff.

-1850’s captain Nemo of the steam powered steampunk Nautilus must fend off monsters of the deep.

– so welcome aboard the departure lounge of the stargate travel machine to dial up your symbiotic electromagnetic fusion containment propulsion

It really is BIG inside.. .The Yellow Submarine floats in a sea of green suspended among redwood trees, you can’t miss it!
The submarine is yours to relax and play in… Enter via ramp/jetty to the front bulkhead door to a victorian steam punk lounge & galley, then up periscope to control/bridge, or midships to U Boat sleeping quarters/torpedos and then beatles themed bathroom at rear

…thankyou for stepping out…. you may just revert to your childhood…and if you have children on board,remember they will need 100% supervision…. but you will be rewarded with an overnight experience you won’t stop talking about… so let’s get started!

Captain Nemo runs a tight and tidy ship…crew making a mess will be confined to the mess,won’t see the surface or shore leave this side of eternity!

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