“Today,” A 24-hour Timepiece Beautifully Designed To Change The Way You See Your Day


Award-winning media artist and horologist Scott Thrift just launched a new 24-hour timepiece – simply called Today – on Kickstarter to take the edge off of time.


Using a 24-hour movement engineered and assembled in Germany, Today quietly moves at half the speed of a regular clock. Its intuitive, numberless design reveals the full spectrum of the day at a glance, with noon and midnight gently divided by a cloud-like horizon of dawn and dusk.


Completing one revolution every 24 hours, Today stretches your perception of time to make space for all of the things in life that cannot be counted. Today inspires a sense of renewal, calm, and most importantly, balance.


“I’ve lived with a prototype of Today now for a year and it has been a transformative experience. The day has become wider and more fulfilling,” says Thrift. “Living with Today makes so much sense and feels so right that it’s become a foregone conclusion to make it available to the world.”


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