Snow Cuteness or Unusual Winter Hobby: Artist Creates Tiny Snow Sculptures in Dreary Russian Neighborhoods

Zubaidat Omarova, native to Dagestan who lives in Moscow now, has an unsual and cute hobby – she makes popular cartoon and movie characters from snow.

It takes the author 1,5-2 hours to make one sculpture. Unfortunately, these creations do not live long. Children are those very little vandals. They find it rather entertaining to break them.

“Before, the work stood for half an hour, an hour. Now it’s standing longer – about a week. Probably because I started sculpting almost under the windows. Of course, people come up and touch it, and then the figures are missing something. I go out and model the missing elements. Now I make a fence around the snowmen – 8-10 centimeters, and many stop this small obstacle,” she says.

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“I do it for comfort and for the soul. I want to take a little break from my home routine, from my maternity leave. So one hour a day I allow myself to go out and relax.”

“To create these snowmen you must have some experience with this kind of figures. I suggest just getting started – it’s addictive. How you can make a snowman like this, I show in my TikTok:”


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