Artist Made A Baby Yoda Doll Entirely From Materials That She Found At Home

According to Gina Wetzel: “Throughout this December, I was busy making my own baby Yoda! I fell in love with it since the first episode of the Mandalorian (which is also one of my favorite shows of 2019!) and immediately started working on this doll.

I have been making my toys since early childhood because some of my favorite shows were too old or not popular enough to get any merchandise. So it was just natural to get up and sculpt this little fellow, while there was no official doll in sight!

Luckily, all the materials were already in my studio (polymer clay, worbla, and fabric), and I did not have to buy anything. Even its hair was made of sheep fur, that I pulled from my flokati rug!”

More: Gina Wetzel, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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