Two Charming Shepherd Dogs Enjoying In Flowers Of Holland – Design You Trust

Two Charming Shepherd Dogs Enjoying In Flowers Of Holland


Two adorable shepherd dog breed Bobtail – Sophie and Sarah – live together with his owner Cees Bol in a small village in the Netherlands. Cees makes incredibly cute pictures of their pets on a background of a mind-blowing scenery. The most well-pleased with the dog sitting in a field of flowers.


“I love to photograph nature, landscapes, and so on – to show people how beautiful planet on which we live – said by Cees – A bobtail on the background of beautiful nature especially beautiful. My dogs are well behaved and have a lot of fun together. We even have our own page on Facebook, and people often write to us that they feel better, look at the photos of Sophie and Sarah. What could be better than your photos to bring people happiness? “


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