Meet Hummus, The Leukemic Fashion Cat Icon


According to photographer Jason McGroarty: “My name is Jason, professional photographer and cat dad, and this is my cat Hummus, she was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia when she was young which meant she was unable to play outside as she might easily fall ill or spread the contagious disease to other cats in the neighborhood.”


“So to keep her active and happy, every week I research a theme, style and create cat sized couture costumes for Hummus to model in. Once the costume is created we host a little cat fashion shoot in my cat sized studio at home.”


“Hummus loves it, it lifts her spirit… well she gets copious amounts of treats during the shoot so its no mystery why she likes it. We now sell prints on our website which Hummus loves because she gets plenty of new toys and treats from it! So why not check out our shop and follow us for more Cat Couture posts in the future!”


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