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The Japanese Cat with Over 100 Cosplay Costumes

Nausicaä, The Catbus and Super Mario are just some of the characters in this feline’s impressive collection.

Cosplay culture is so big in Japan it isn’t just reserved for humans anymore — these days, animals like cats, dogs, and even squirrels have been known to dress up in costume and pose for the cameras like a teenager on the streets of Harajuku.

Now a 13-year-old feline called Chocola is proving age is no barrier to cats who cosplay, as she has not one but over 100 different costumes, all lovingly hand-sewn by her human servant.

More: Twitter (jp), Youtube h/t: sorannews24

Chocola is doted on by her owner, who says the cute feline always comes to pose for photos when the camera is out. Each photo shoot takes about ten minutes, and Chocola’s human says the feline is never forced to cosplay and the cat is always in charge, simply running off to play whenever she’s not in the mood for her close-up.

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