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All Adverts In London’s Underground Station Have Been Replaced With Cat Pictures


If you arrived at Clapham Common tube station one morning to find that every advert had been replaced with pictures of cats, you’d no doubt logically conclude that our feline friends paid for the initiative as part of their first steps towards world domination. And in a way you’d be right, because the stunt was indeed paid for by CATS. But fortunately for us, that’s where the conspiracy ends, because CATS stands for the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service, and they’re the team responsible for this rather bizarre campaign.

More info: Kickstarter, James Turner (h/t: boredpanda)


It was funded via Kickstarter by almost 700 people who pledged over 23k GBP to get the project up and running, and as organizer James Turner noted in a blog, “This isn’t a clever marketing stunt. The people behind it are volunteers. We want to inspire people to think differently about the world and realize they have the power to change it.” So for the next two weeks, Clapham Common won’t just be serving the Northern Line. It’ll also be serving the FE-line!


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