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Christian Louboutin Designs For Cuban Olympians


The French shoe designer has announced that he’s designing the formal outfits for Cuban athletes in Rio 2016 Olympics. The news is a bit unexpected for us. But for Louboutin, it’s been a long time coming, as it was born from a friendship. It began when Louboutin traveled to Cuba to meet his good friend Henri Tai. A former professional handball athlete, Tai had just started, an E-concept store for men that is dedicated to sports and style. That visit proved fruitful; it inspired Louboutin and Tai to team up to design the outfits that will be worn by Cuban Olympians during formal occasions and the closing ceremony.

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Louboutin and Tai based their designs on Cuban heritage and the athletes themselves. The tailored jackets, for instance, feature the nation’s flag on the breast pockets, while the five-pointed star is splayed over the back to symbolize good luck.


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