JUST EAT Pilots Robots To Deliver Food From Restaurants

John Phillips / Getty Images Europe

Customers who order takeaway food using Just Eat could soon find their food being delivered by robots following the launch of a ground-breaking trial.

h/t: hospitalityandcateringnews

John Phillips / Getty Images Europe

The company, the world’s leading digital marketplace for takeaway food delivery, has partnered with Starship Technologies to trial self-driving delivery robots on the streets of London.

John Phillips / Getty Images Europe

Just Eat and Starship Technologies’ testing programme is expected to begin within the next few months and further details of the restaurants taking part in the trial will be announced shortly.

John Phillips / Getty Images Europe

Starship Technologies, established in 2014 by the co-founders of Skype, has developed the robots to deliver food, packages and goods to consumers within a short radius of their point of origin. Customers will be sent a secure code to access their meals from the robots once they arrive.

John Phillips / Getty Images Europe

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