“Boyfriend Hug” Speakers Are The Perfect Way To Look Absolutely Normal In Public

What about when you want to feel safe and secure by being wrapped in fake-muscly arms when you’re on the go? You don’t want to look like some weirdo, dragging around a headless body-pillow with you while you’re out and about.

More: Otome Yusha (jp), Twitter h/t: soranews24

Well thankfully one Japanese company Otome Yusha (“Hero of Maidens”) has come up with an answer: “Boyfriend Hug Speakers.”

The speakers are literally called “Hero of Maiden Hugging Speakers,” and they’re being given away as a promotion for the company’s recent mobile game release: Hero of Maidens. It’s an RPG aimed at women players where you can play as a number of beautiful men, “saving the world through love.”

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