This Mind-Blowing Audi Truck Could Be The Future Of Big Rigs


Automakers need big rigs to perform chores like hauling fuel and transporting race cars to the track. But what if the company got incredibly adventurous about the design of its trucks? That’s the premise of this self-driving electric truck concept art designed by Artem Smirnov, of Belarus, and Vladimir Panchenko, of Ukraine.

They’ve suggested this beauty as a future Audi truck, which they think conforms with the company’s design philosophy. The team posted their concept images on a Behance page titled Truck For Audi. Judging from the art above, the slippery open-cockpit truck is apparently piloted by Darth Vader’s stormtrooper wingmen from the attempted defense of the first Death Star.

More info: Behance (h/t: maxim)


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