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Beautiful Tiny 1929 Zaschka Three Wheeler, The World’s First Folding Car

Built in 1928 in Berlin, the Zaschka was a folding 3-wheeled car. Its inventor was Engelbert Zaschka who amongst other things was one of Germany’s first helicopter pioneers.


Zaschka’s 3-wheeler was designed so that it could be taken apart within 5 minutes and could be “knocked down” into three main sections and so the vehicle did not require a garage.

Each section was built around a tubular frame with a canvas body stretched over the frame and clipped into position. The vehicle had a chain driven rear wheel and was capable of 25 to 30 miles an hour. The “come-apart” car is a three wheeler which is priced at but $300.

Features of the vehicle are said to have been important to Richard Buckminster Fuller and his Dymaxion car in 1933.

Portrait of inventor Engelbert Zaschka in Berlin, 1927.

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