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Funny Air Filter Gives You a Dog Nose Filter in Real Life

Nosy, an wearable air filter you put on your nose, has been getting a lot of attention because it makes wearers look like they activated the dog nose filter in real-life.

Designed to protect against airborne particles, Nosy is a slick and compact air filter and purifier that fits on your nose. Its patent-pending dual filtration system (Activated Carbon and HEPA filters) allegedly break down toxic gases from fossil fuel emissions and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), while at the same time from particles down to 0.03 microns in size, like pollen, dust, mold spores, smoke, and more. But all anyone seems to be talking about these days is how funny people look wearing it.

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Nosy was unveiled in March of last year, when it managed to surpass its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter. It was supposed to be delivered to backers by December of last year, but according to the latest official update, the Covid-19 pandemic has seriously impacted production. Nosy founder Carina Cunha wrote that she expects deliveries to be delayed until April 2021.

So you’ll have to wait to actually see people walking down the streets with Nosy filters on their noses, but you can have some fun with promotional pictures until that happens. Twitter has certainly been having a field day with them lately, because of how funny Nosy wearers look.

But to the team behind the project, Nosy is no joke. They set out to create a product that not only protects the wearer against the harmful effects of pollution, but is also a more efficient and comfortable alternative to face masks of all kinds.

“Our belief is that wearing a Nosy should be as comfortable as possible so we created a solution that provides you with the most effective filtration and the best user experience,” the official Nosy presentation reads. “Our malleable clip allows a custom fit for each nose! The clip attaches to the outer shell using a magnetic attachment system, ensuring that Nosy will stay in place even when you are doing vigorous activity!”

Nosy filters last up to 100 hours, but for hygienic reasons the company recommends that you change them at least once a week.

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