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Beautifully Arranged Visual Recipes By Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj


Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj is a talented Danish photographer based in Copenhagen, who specializes in high-end still life photography, mainly shooting advertisements and editorial features. Mikkel captured stunning photo series of various recipes as minimalist photographs that show various recipes as minimalist photographs that show all the ingredients before they’re made into meals.

h/t: photogrist


“It wasn’t until I was 23 that I decided to become a photographer. While in Dubai I had bought my first SLR camera, a Minolta of questionable quality, taking up photography as a hobby, and when faced with the challenge of “What to do now if not college?” I decided to move to Copenhagen to get an apprenticeship as a photographer. My approach to work is trying to create images of minimalism and serenity, combining it with a dynamic, elegant and luxurious feeling. I let the formal shape and qualities of an object set the creative direction, and with high technical standards I strive to create beautiful images,” says Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj.


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