Photographer And Her Friends Reclaim Their African Roots In Visually Striking Portraits

Image courtesy of Atong Atem

25 year-old South Sudanese, Melbourne based photographer Atong Atem discusses Studio Series, a series of portraits inspired by vintage African studio photography. With these images, Atong and her friends, who posed as her subjects and who all live in Australia, aim to celebrate the culture of their countries of origin in Africa.

h/t: fotografiamagazine

Image courtesy of Atong Atem

Image courtesy of Atong Atem

Image courtesy of Atong Atem

Image courtesy of Atong Atem

Image courtesy of Atong Atem

Image courtesy of Atong Atem

Image courtesy of Atong Atem

9Image courtesy of Atong Atem
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Image courtesy of Atong Atem

Image courtesy of Atong Atem

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