Audi Hires Photographer To Shoot Their $50,000 Car, He Uses $32 Miniature Toy Car Instead

Marketing a car costs big bucks. Unless you hire Felix Hernandez, who doesn’t need an actual car to make the magic happen. Instead, he does it with a $32 toy replica.

More info: Felix Hernandez (h/t: demilked, petapixel, boredpanda)

Even though Felix is the master of the mini-world, this project was challenging even for him: “Where I normally work with 1/18 scale models, for the Q2 launch I was commissioned to do a series of photographies using a 1/43 scale model,” says the photographer. “This was my first time doing this kind of photography with such a small model.”

To pull it off, Felix used foam core, LEDs, and sand paper to build an indoor roadway, while his sand dunes consisted of polvo fino (fine powder) mixed with water. The settings came out looking just like the real deal and are on their way to fool millions of eyes worldwide!

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