Artist Creates Surreal Images That Balance Between Reality And Imagination

ur imagination is what keeps our busy minds entertained, but it’s sometimes so surreal that it can’t be explained with simple words. Here’s where technology comes in handy. Dreamlike worlds and eccentric environments where anything is possible can actually be visualized when masters of digital art work their magic. And whether the result is realistic or out of this world, whether it’s meant to entertain or provoke thoughts, we are often mesmerized and would gladly exchange our casual routine to experience the extraordinary.

Originally from Sabannakhet in Laos, this Australia-based artist creates surreal minimalist artwork through photography, digital art and painting. Phonsay Phothisomphane’s bizarre, yet intriguing work that subtly balances contrasts and harmony was inspired by Buddhism, which played a major role throughout his upbringing. Phonsay uses people, angular architecture, geometrical shapes and patterns, and peacefulness of nature to navigate between reality and imagination.

Scroll the page to get lost in the mysterious and tranquil world of Phonsay.

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