The Stars And The Sea Combined Together Inside A “Starry Sea” Table By Alexander Chapelin – Design You Trust

The Stars And The Sea Combined Together Inside A “Starry Sea” Table By Alexander Chapelin


Dreams are made to be granted. The most Creative Dreams started by looking at the stars. Heavenly dreams goes together with clear deep blue sea.

The table “Starry Sea” give you both: the stars and the sea in one piece of art work, beautifully designed and ornamental. This table which has the appearance of a portion of the Caribbean Sea; magically metamorphose at night like a starry sky in your living room.

More info: Alexander Chapelin, Facebook


“Starry Sea” was born after over one and a half year of research and technical tests. It is created with the following materials: an unusual piece of marble from Anguilla, neighboring island of St. Martin/San Maarten, birth place of our brand “La Table”. A specifically created resin bespoke to “La Table”.


A LED and wifi system, lighting up the Table of all of its senses. Like a mobile phone, the table’s battery will charge in 6 Hours, giving you up to 300 hours of illumination. The “Starry Sea” is sold with a remote control, although, by downloading on your smart phone, the « LED magic color » app, you will take full control of all luminous effects “Starry Sea” can offer.


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