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Vanishing Point: Lithuanian Artist Makes Trolleybuses Disappear Using Optical Illusion Art


Though not as common in North American cities, many European metropolises have extensive trolleybus systems. As part of the Vilnius Street Art Festival in Lithuania, artist Liudas Parulskis executed an ingenious project that made the city’s trolleybuses disappear. In collaboration with creative place-making agency Studio Vieta, Parulskis took blown up photographs of city streets and architecture and wrapped entire trolleys, creating an illusion of the urban landscape on the moving vehicles.

Trolleybuses have became a rare sight in most contemporary cities, but Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, still has a running fleet that adds a lot of character to the cityscape. Inspired by the slow electrical buzz and white and red aesthetics, for a 4th edition Vilnius Street Art festival curatorial team in collaboration with Studio Vieta have invited an artist Liudas Parulskis to create an artwork for trolleybuses.

More info: Liudas Parulskis, Vilnius Street Art Festival, Studio Vieta (h/t: mymodernmet)


Vanishing Trolleybus has a picture of the perspective of the street printed on both of its sides and once a day while crossing Tumo Vaizganto street and Gediminas Prospect intersection he “dissapears” by camouflaging itself into the landscape. Liudas Parulskis has also added a wolf crossing the road. A wolf is a spirit animal of Vilnius since it’s founding days more than a thousand years ago.


The audience is invited to observe and catch the trolleybus at it’s vanishing point and capture the moment.


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