See How This Illuminated Portrait Of Nikola Tesla Was Made


Ambience Lighting, together with artist Duro Cubrilo, have created a portrait of Nikola Tesla, one of the world’s greatest visionaries, by using a grid of light bulbs. Lets have a look at how it all came together…

h/t: contemporist

A plan was created using a variety of different sized dots.

These dots were then applied to an image of Nikola Tesla to create a design layout

Next, 759 LED bulbs were opened…

And prepped for painting with the different sized dots applied.

The light bulbs then received a coat of black paint.

Once dried, the dot sticker was peeled off from the top of the bulb.

Here is you can see some of them after painting.

Following the layout diagram, each light bulb was placed in a designated spot.

Here we see the piece is coming together…

Here’s a close-up look at the bulbs, where we can see the different amounts of white and black.

A quick look at the wiring on the back of the piece.

Once the piece was completed, it took a team of people to hang it in the display space.

Here is the finished piece…

And here it is with the lights on.

You can watch a ‘making of’ video below:

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