“And In The Endless Sounds There Came A Pause”: Distorted Wooden Sculptures By Paul Kaptein

Sculpture is one of the most ancient forms of art. But despite its strong traditions, sculpture hasn’t lost its appeal to contemporary artists. One of them is the Paul Kaptein. His artworks are well known for their distorted-like appearances. Kaptein has added to his sculptures a sense of emptiness, creating a figurative dialogue between immateriality and materiality.

More: Paul Kaptein, Behance

Paul’s work, seemingly bent through time and space, taps into this medium of emptiness, responding to the gap between immateriality and materiality – through the energy we call potential. His work is full of the boundless energy of potentiality loops or loops of potentiality or the realisation that potential is the energy that constantly moves and transforms. Potential is the force that grabs ideas and translates them into being – it is a poetic energy of necessity and a necessary energy for poetics.

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