Design Agency Made Giant Mirror Letters In San Francisco To Show That Design Is All Around Us

Character is a San Francisco-based branding and design agency with a passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands. Our goal is to create lasting and meaningful relationships between our client’s brand and their audience through smart thinking and thoughtful design. We aim to do this by crafting stories that touch people on a personal level, sparking a change in their everyday behavior.


We at Character developed “Look Closer”, the campaign for the 2015 edition of San Francisco Design Week.


The festival is getting larger every year. To accommodate this growth they moved the opening events to Pier 27, which can hold over 2,000 people, allowing them to hold lectures, exhibitions, and design-related events, all at a much larger scale. To take advantage of this, we wanted to develop a visual narrative that can be intriguing when you see it in print or online — but really reinforced once you visit the festival.


For our primary campaign images, we constructed monolithic letter-forms from mirrors and intricately crafted wood. Each of these installations appear to recede into their environments, but on a closer look, they give a glimpse into their intricate frameworks. This idea, that design is all around us shaping our environments, but often goes largely unnoticed was a great jumping off point for the discussions, talks and events of the event.


There’s a thoughtful process and structure behind almost everything if you look closer, and we wanted to create imagery to reflect that.


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